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Continents and Oceans Page 2

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is a tool that shows directions on a map. The compass rose has four main directions: North, South, East, and West. You can use the compass rose to give or follow directions.

Use a compass rose here. 



  Can you name the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans?  

  1. Quiz yourself here!  How did you do?  
  2. Check your answers here.  
  3. Locate the continents on this website.  
  4. Try the National Geographic website for kids and play Geospy!  
  5. Here are some more world geography games which include the oceans.    



Getting ready for the test?

Here's a great website to study from!  STUDY



Want to learn more about the 7 continents?  

Find info on the movement of the continents

Use this link to DiscoverySchool.com's game called Geo Game



 Do you know the tune to the Adam's Family?


  Well, if you do, you can use it to help you remember the names of the continents!



Continents of Earth (snap, snap)

Continents of Earth (snap, snap)


There's Asia and there's Europe

There's North and South America

There's Africa and Australia

Don't forget Antarctica

Continents of Earth (snap, snap)

Contitnents of Earth (snap, snap)


Oceans of Earth (snap, snap)

Oceans of Earth (snap, snap)

There's Pacific and Atlantic

Indian and Arctic

They all salt water

The four oceans of the Earth 

Oceans of Earth (snap, snap) 

Oceans of Earth (snap, snap)



Click here to listen to the theme song from The Adam's Family!   



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